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  • Children get arthritis too, with life-changing effects—but exercise can help

    Physical activity is essential for kids with juvenile idiopathic arthritis, but sometimes there's worry it might make their symptoms worse. This condition can cause joint pain, stiffness, and weak muscles, which might stop children from being active. Yet even with these challenges, exercise is beneficial for children with JIA.

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  • Direct Anterior Cup-Half Cage for Revision and Complex Primary Total Hip Arthroplasty: Surgical Technique

    As surgeons' comfort with the direct anterior approach (DAA) for total hip arthroplasty continues to increase, there is a growing interest in performing complex surgeries through this approach. Acetabular bone loss and/or pelvic discontinuity in the primary or revision setting often requires specialized implants such as a cup-cage construct. We describe our surgical technique for implanting modified cup-half cages through the DAA and show 2 case examples of how this technique was utilized in the setting of complex acetabular bone loss.

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  • Patients with depression may have increased rates of complications after TKA

    Results presented here showed patients with depression undergoing total knee arthroplasty experienced an increased risk of medical and surgical complications, readmissions and reoperations.

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  • Suture Bacterial Contamination May Contribute to Impaired Healing or Retear After Rotator Cuff Repair, Even Using Arthroscopic Techniques

    Bacterial contamination, as a result of suture contamination, may be associated with rotator cuff retear, or impaired tendon healing, following rotator cuff repair. This represents a potential new area of focus and intervention. Despite an array of rotator cuff repair techniques, from varying suture configurations and double row repairs to biologic adjuncts and patches, a substantial proportion of repairs do not heal or go on to retear.

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  • Frozen shoulder research may hold the key to understanding fibrosis resolution

    Frozen shoulder is a painful and disabling condition affecting the ligaments that form the shoulder joint capsule. Patients experience severe stiffening of their affected shoulder which can last for several years, interfering with activities of daily life.

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