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Second Opinion - Review of Medical Records, MRI, X-Rays

Second Opinion

At the Jaglowski Orthopedic Institute, we believe that access to superior healthcare should not be limited by geography, insurance coverage, or referral patterns. We also believe that it is a patient’s right to be well-informed and completely understand their healthcare choices. If you do not live in the Houston area, you still have access to our expertise via an orthopedic second opinion through our review of your records, MRIs and/or X-rays. Second opinions are very common in medicine, and we are here to help. During times of injury, it can be difficult to understand whether you are making the right choice with regards to your healthcare. Patients seeking a second opinion can send medical records along with imaging results for Dr. Jaglowski’s review.

After review, Dr. Jaglowski will provide you with additional knowledge about your diagnosis and treatment options based on the information that you provide. With this additional information, you will be able to compare diagnosis and treatment plans to ensure consistency and hopefully aid in your decision. Obtaining a second opinion doesn’t mean you lack trust in your current physician provider, it simply means you are an intelligent, motivated patient ready to play an active role in your own healthcare. Most physicians will respect a patient who seeks a second opinion from a highly trained physician because it can contribute new information to the diagnosis. Dr. Jaglowski may validate the existing diagnosis and treatment plan or perhaps offer alternate approaches for treating the injury. Other reasons may exist for seeking a second opinion including:

  • You continue to experience pain or disability after a procedure or treatment.
  • You want to be informed on every possible option available for treatment.
  • The diagnosis is unclear, or you have doubts or reservations about the diagnosis.
  • The recommended treatment or surgical procedure is risky or controversial.
  • Alternative treatments may be available that were not discussed.
  • You would like to consider a different course of treatment.
  • You feel apprehensive about having surgery or a major procedure.
  • The surgery recommended is experimental or in trials.
  • The choice of treatment may be costly.
  • You have lost confidence in your current medical care provider.
  • You are told you have a rare or life-threatening condition.

To initiate an orthopedic second opinion from Dr. Jaglowski, you will need to organize your medical records, MRIs, and any pertinent radiology results. These items will give him a better understanding of the details of your orthopedic injury. If you are in the Houston area or willing to travel, we would much prefer to have you see us in the office, however we realize that this is not always possible. By utilizing this service, you understand and acknowledge that this opinion is for educational purposes only and should not be used as the sole information regarding important health decisions. This service is not appropriate for acute or emergency types of situations. Please thoroughly read and sign our release of medical liability waiver below.

Dr. Jaglowski’s fee for a chart review and second opinion is $250 payable electronically. Please fill out the following form and we will provide further instructions upon submission. Your file review will begin upon receipt of payment and signed release of medical liability form (follow link below). If uploaded files are non-functional or not accessible, we will inform you and further instructions will be provided. General questions can be directed to [javascript protected email address].

Kindly upload any pertinent medical records and imaging studies to our secure digital platform below, then follow the link provided to sign our release of medical liability waiver. We look forward to speaking with you.

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